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PUB ZORBE Indoor spill clean up absorbent powder

Zorbe indoor absorbent powder (PUB ZORBE):- If you own a bar, restaurant, nightclub, hotel or public venue you know what a disgusting mess your staff are faced with every day.

Zorbe indoor absorbent powder is a quick effective solution to cleaning up mess involving, food, beverage, blood, urine, vomit etc.

Simply sprinkle on the spill, sweep up and dispose. The best product for cleaning up messy spills in pubs, hotels and nightclubs   Readmore

Save Time and Effort in cleaning up your household spills.

Throw away the old mop & bucket. Zorbe is here to save you time. Clean up household spills with ease. Zorbe effectively cleans up liquid & semi-liquid spills on hard floors, carpet & upholstery.

Don’t waste time trying to clean up mess on carpet, upholstery & hard floor surfaces. Zorbe deals with most household liquids including ink and paint.

Just some of the Applications:

Spilt wine, cooking oil, syrup, ice cream, jam, fruit salad, tomato sauce, pasta sauce, cordial, soft drink, pet mess, paint and ink, baby mess, food stuff, liquids, nail polish, fat residue from fry pans, motor oil, grease, glue and adhesives.


Reduces odour.
Reduces likelihood of slippery surfaces being present following a spill. Effective on both hard & soft surfaces.

Reduce risk of cuts where broken glass is involved.
Makes the task of stain removal simpler.Benefits:
Reduces time cleaning up spills in the home.
Absorbs liquids from porous surfaces.



Spillzorbe / Pub Zorbe

The perfect solution for cleaning up all liquid and semi liquid spills in kitchens, restaurants,  hotels, bars, pubs, nightclubs, transport vehicles, ships, sporting clubs and any public venue.

- Prevent cut risks

- Prevent slip fall injury

- Prevent risk of infection from cleaning up spills involving body fluids

Simple to use: Just pour onto spill, sweep up and dispose.  Leaves a clean dry surface every time

1.2 litre, 20 litre and 60 litre available.


Latest News


Zorbe indoor absorbent
Zorbe indoor absorbent now available in new 20 litre orange pails with resealable lids. Each comes complete with scoop for easy application. Replenishment bags of absorbent are available


Spill Zorbe Industrial Absorbent
After ten years in the Australian market, Spillzorbe zeolite floor sweep absorbent is one of the most popular absorbents for use on hydrocarbon, Hazmat and dangerous goods spills. In 2012-2013 over 300 tonne of Spillzorbe was sold in the Australian market alone


Permawet - Granular Wetting Agent 20kg

Download brochure
Permawet website

Zorbe Products

SpillZorbe - spill and odour absorbent.

Zorbe Indoor
Zorbe - waterless liquid and semi liquid absorbent.

BBQ Zorbe
BBQ Zorbe is available in 3kg bags. Reduces fatty odours, flies and is non flamable. Place in fat drip trays of all BBQs.

Bio Zorbe
Bio Zorbe is used for the safe and effective clean up of blood and body fluid spills.

Spillfix Spill kits
Australia’s cheapest premium quality spill kits and spill response equipment
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New Product

PDF Document Liquid Wetting Agent
PDF Document Dust Suppressant


PDF Document Zorbe indoor spill absorbent

Spill catalogue

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Spill Zorbe spill and odour absorbents
Zorbe Indoor liquid and semi liquid spill absorbent
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Bio Zorbe bio waste absorbent for blood and body fluid spills
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Paint Zorbe
Organic Zorbe
Odour Zorbe
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Zorbe indoor powder

Zorbe indoor powder

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